Robin 2016 Print


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Robin 2016 Print
Robin 2016 Print

Robin 2016

Original painting, Acrylic on paper. $900.00 + $100 Shipping

Giclee Prints

9x12 $45 + $10 Shipping

18x24 $150 + $15 Shipping

Currently not available in Full Size Giclee Print

Male Robins, when in a dispute over territory, they sing to each other. Can you even imagine? This morning I was thinking about how I really started to feel the harsh divisions we've made in our culture when I became a new parent. You are trying to make the best choices for you and your child and EVERYONE is an expert and EVERYONE has the right answer. There is a constant shaming and name calling and it's really just an embarrassing mess. Kind of like our political climate in general. No one is willing to actually have an adult conversation. Or a sing off. It's either you are right or you are wrong. Period. I believe when we look outside ourselves, to our animal friends, to nature, to the world buzzing all around us despite our ridiculous arguments, we can become more compassionate. More open. Maybe more open to sing. To paint. To write. Maybe as a culture we are just now beginning to trust our creative instincts. Notice the Robin this Spring. REALLY notice them. Pay attention to them and take a moment to reflect. How does it make you feel when you hear the Robin sing?


The giclee print is on Somerset Velvet (acid free/ archival) paper which has the look and feel of high quality watercolor paper and printed with Epson Ultrachrome professional archival inks. Each print is signed and comes with a one inch border for framing.

Robin 2016 Print
Robin 2016 Print

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